5 Tips for Understanding Shutter Speed Photography ​​and How to Set It

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How to Set Shutter Speed Photography? Being a photographer, of course, you will always be associated with the term shutter speed. The reason is, this shutter can be a determinant of the photos that will be obtained. Unfortunately, it turns out that there are still quite a lot of photographers who don’t understand the features of this camera. If you are one of them, let’s read this article to the end!

Shutter Speed Photography

5 Tricks Using Shutter Speed Photography ​​and How to Set It

Understanding shutter speed and how to set it is actually not a difficult thing. As long as you know the tricks, you can use this feature to produce cool and pro shots. For that, below we have summarized some tricks for you.

1. Freezing Movement

In principle, the faster an object moves, the faster the shutter is needed to freeze the movement. To be able to get the right exposure, you need to set the ISO at the selected shutter speed. However, in this case, there is much to consider.

First, you must position the photo object in the frame until it is in focus. The trick is to keep the focus point so that it remains on the object to be shot. Next, activate the Al Servo autofocus mode or Continuous AF on the camera.

Choose the timings right for shooting so that the results can be more pro. For action or sports shots, try looking for other elements, such as dust, water spray, or other moving elements to add dynamics to your shot.

2. Memotret Panning

Shutter speed can not only be used to take pictures by freezing movement but also can shoot by panning. Please note, that blurry images can be created from a low shutter speed. You can produce a sharp object display even though the background is blurred ( panning ).

Panning will be easier when the object moves 90 degrees from your position. Just shoot the object as fast as you can. Make sure the object is always in the viewfinder. Then, press the shutter when the object position is in the middle of panning. Try to move the camera smoothly when chasing objects so that the results can be maximized.

Conversely, panning will be more difficult if the object is moving away from or approaching your camera. This technique is also difficult to do when the object performs a linear open motion such as a turning car. To produce a good picture, you need a very slow shutter speed so that the object remains sharp even though the background is blurred. The trick is, you have to make sure the object you want to make sharp remains in the viewfinder.

3. Take Beautiful Blur Photos

When using a speed 1/15 second slower than that, you will get beautiful blurry results. The reason is, moving objects will look blurry and aesthetic. In this case, the shutter speed will blur the motion.

However, to achieve this effect, the camera must be still and stable (you can use a tripod). Set the camera speed at 1/8 or slower and turn off the image stabilizer feature.

The thing to pay attention to is whether the object moves linearly, such as flowing water, or erratically, such as falling leaves. The camera will interpret linear/regular movements as straight or curved. Meanwhile, if the object has an erratic motion, the captured image will have an erratic blur effect.

4. Long Exposure

Please note that even the slightest movement can blur objects when using a shutter speed of 30 seconds. This range is usually used to shoot seascape images to produce blurry-looking water movement images. In addition, this shutter is also very useful for shooting at night.

In this case, you must be able to estimate the movement of the object. The results will look more optimal if the shutter speed used is slower, especially if you rely on an exposure of 30 seconds. Therefore, you can try shooting at sunset with sufficient light.

5. Star Trail

Shooting images using a shutter speed slower than 30 seconds can result in night scenes looking more detailed. Generally, a camera has a maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds. Therefore, for longer exposures you need a bulb in manual mode which allows you to adjust the exposure more freely.

So, those are some tricks and tips on using shutter speed photography to produce images like a professional photographer. With diligent practice, you can definitely master some of these tricks.

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