7 Effective Camera Angles In Photography for More Champion Shots!

7 Effective Camera Angles In Photography for More Champion Shots!
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How to Effectively Use Camera Angles in Photography? Want to add variety and impression to your photos? If so, take advantage of the camera angle when photographing objects! The camera angle is basically a composition technique that is easy to use to make a difference in the angle of view of the shot. However, what photography angles are the best? Find out the answer through this article!

How to Effectively Use Camera Angles in Photography: 7 Best Camera Angles

Technically, there are so many shooting angles that you can choose from. However, you should first learn and master some of the camera angles commonly used by photographers below. If you have mastered it, then you can freely improvise with your own choice of angle to improve the quality of the shot.

1. Bird Eye View Angle

Camera Angles

The bird’s eye photography angle is a camera angle taken at a height, like the view of a flying bird looking at an object. Even though it sounds easy, this technique is actually quite difficult to master.

To get this angle, photographers usually hold the camera directly above the subject in a straight downward direction. This camera angle will give a broad impression of your shots, but not focus on a particular object.

Because it gives the impression of a wide angle, this photography angle is clearly not suitable for portraits. Preferably, this angle will be great for those of you who want to take pictures of food and other common everyday objects.

2. Straight Angle

Camera Angles

A straight or eye-level shooting angle is commonly used by photographers who want to take portrait pictures. This is a simple photography angle and the most familiar perspective. To catch the right angle when photographing someone, make sure you adjust it according to the height of your subject’s eyes as a guide.

Never use your own eye height to center the camera frame. For example, if you are taking a portrait of a child, you should match your height to their level.

Likewise when you want to photograph objects that are higher than you. Because this angle is the most neutral angle, you can use it for photos of clothing product models in online stores.

3. High Angle

At first glance, this camera angle almost looks like a bird’s eye angle. But the difference is, the point of view from this photography angle is narrower, aka focusing on just one object because the angle of view is right above the object. This angle can be a good angle to make an object appear smaller.

For example, if you want to make your photo object look shorter or slimmer, you can use this angle. To make the most of this shooting angle, try shooting from a distance. Also, position your camera to look down where the object is.

4. Low Angle

Camera Angles

This photography angle has the opposite effect of a high angle. Photographing an object from a low angle will make that object the dominant thing in your shots. There are tons of options for taking low-angle photos. You can use the sky as a background, buildings, or even trees on the page.

If you’ve ever seen a video or portrait of a superhero, this angle is the most used angle. That way, the object will seem more domineering and intimidating.

5. Close Up

Camera Angles

Taking pictures from this angle is somewhat difficult. The reason is, this is one of the strongest angles for shooting and can blur the background. However, that doesn’t mean that the photo background is simply ignored.

Choosing the right background will make your shots get the best exposure. For example, a background of green grass or calm blue sea water. This background will be blurred, but will still have a big impact on the image.

Photographers usually use this camera angle to convey emotions more intensely, especially in taking the expressions of actors and actresses in films. Not only for humans, this photography angle is also suitable for photographing animals, plants, or inanimate objects.

6. Frog Eye View

Camera Angles

When using this angle, you should position your camera so that it is level with the frog’s eyes and even touching the ground. Not infrequently a photographer is willing to lie down and even lie on the ground to get shots from this angle. The effect will also give a mysterious impression to your shots.

7. Canted Angle

Camera Angles

This camera angle is commonly used by photographers in shooting portraits, landscapes, and street photography. The resulting effect will also have a strong psychological nuance. It’s no wonder that this angle is often used in film shooting so that viewers feel strong emotions when looking at photos.

Well, these are some of the camera angles most often used by photographers. From the various angles above, you can really improvise using your imagination and creativity to get the best angle for taking photos. Good luck!

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