Double Take! 2 Simple Hacks to Photoshop Like a Pro on Your iPhone

Double Take! 2 Simple Hacks to Photoshop Like a Pro on Your iPhone
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Ever scroll through Instagram and marvel at those seamless photo edits, where friends magically teleport to exotic locales or seamlessly blend into historical masterpieces? Well, hold onto your hats, folks, because you’re about to learn the secrets behind those jaw-dropping transformations—and the best part? You won’t need a fancy laptop or a degree in digital wizardry. All you need is your trusty iPhone and two (yes, just TWO!) simple hacks that will turn you into a Photoshop pro right before your very eyes.

Get ready to ditch the envy and unleash your inner editing ninja. We’re talking seamless photo integrations, background replacements that look straight out of Hollywood, and the power to add anyone (or anything) to any scene, all with just a few taps and swipes on your phone. No more cheesy cutout jobs or wonky perspective glitches – these hacks are so slick, your followers will be doing double takes (hence the title!) and begging to know your secrets.

So, buckle up, grab your iPhone, and prepare to enter the magical world of mobile photo editing. We’re about to take your social media game from “meh” to “OMG, how did you even do that?!” Trust us, these hacks are so good, you might just become the Photoshop whisperer of your friend group. Now, let’s dive in and unleash your inner editing beast!

How to Photoshop Someone Into a Picture on iPhone Effectively

There are two methods to Photoshop someone into a picture on an iPhone. The initial relies solely on Photoshop Express, while the other uses the online tool in combination for greater precision.

Method 1: How Do I Photoshop a Person Into a Picture on iPhone?

Before using this method, download and install Photoshop Express on your iPhone. Next, have the photo handy from whom you will cut out the person to add to another picture.

Consequently, have the picture as well. The image can be a background or a family picture to which you wish to add the person.

Here’s how you can Photoshop a person into a picture on iPhone:

  • Open Photoshop Express and head over to the Home tab
  • Choose the photo of the person which you want to add and select Photo Editor
  • The picture opens; refer to its bottom menu and scroll towards the extreme right to Combine
  • A menu opens; select Cutout from the submenu
  • Photoshop Express would automatically separate the person by removing the background

You can refine your selection by manually selecting or subtracting the area when the Auto cutout doesn’t give accurate results.

  • The thumbnail of the person appears on the right side; tap the + icon below it
  • Now, choose the picture to which you want to add the person
  • Another thumbnail would appear above the person; tap and drag it below the person’s thumbnail
  • Tap the Download icon at the top of the screen and save it on your device

This would put the person above the background picture to which you want to add them. Further, tap the person layer pinch to zoom in/out to adjust the person’s size.

For artistic effects, you can tap the Blend icon and use the various options available. You can adjust the Blending options Slider to minimize or maximize the effect.

However, you would have noticed that the Cutout isn’t that precise, and the image doesn’t look natural. So, what’s the use of doing Photoshop? Well, there’s a workaround you should try in this case. The following section will help you with it.

Method 2: How Do I Add A Person to a Photo On iPhone?

There needs to be more than Photoshop on iPhone to make the final result look natural and show amateurish and poor editing. Thus, it wastes your time and effort. Hence, you should use it in combination with another platform, which will help you Photoshop with efficiency.

Here’s how you can do it effectively:

Step 1: Download Photoshop Express

Since it’s a workaround, most of you would have uninstalled Photoshop Express in search of an alternative. But it is not so!

Go to the App Store, search for Photoshop Express, and download it. If you are viewing this on your iPhone, then you can directly click the link given here to download and install it.

Step 2: Cut Out The Person From Picture Which You Want to Photoshop

This is the crucial part because adding another person in the photo on the iPhone doesn’t work correctly because of the Cutout.

Therefore, to add a person, you must first completely remove the background. Photoshop AI doesn’t do it effectively, especially if the image is complex and the Manual selection isn’t handy.

So here’s how you will do it:

  • Tap the Upload Image and select the one from which you want to cut out the person
  • The tool will start processing the image
  • Click the Download button to save the result to save the cutout on your device

Additionally, if you find the image too big or small, then use the + or  icon near the percentage sign. This will adjust the size of the person.

Step 3: Remove the Object From the Photo Where You Will Photoshop The Person

To add the picture and make it seem natural, you need perfection. You would need to add the person to an image, but there might be objects that would prevent apt placement. If that’s the case with your picture, then before uploading to Photoshop, you should remove unwanted objects effectively.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Tap Upload Image and choose the picture where you want to add the person
  • Tap on the object that you want to remove
  • In a fraction of seconds, the tool will process it
  • Click Download to save it on your iPhone

Thus, the image is now ready so that you can add the cutout to it. Besides, if you don’t like one-tap object removal, set the slider to Draw and mark the object you want to remove.

If there’s no such image object to eliminate, then you can skip the step.

Step 4: Use Photoshop Express to Add the Person To Photo

You are now ready to Photoshop the person into your photo. To do so, you have the latest downloads handy and ensure you have given Photos access to Photoshop Express.

Next, follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Open Photoshop Express, tap Home, and choose the picture into which you want to add the person
  • Tap Photo Editor, navigate to the bottom, and swipe right until you see Combine
  • In it, select Cutout and choose Confirm
  • Now, tap the + iconbelow the uploaded picture thumbnail
  • Choose the cutout photo of the person whose background you removed
  • Pinch in to zoom in/out and adjust the cutout size
  • Tap the Download icon at the top of the screen to save it on Device

The image is ready; you can adjust its contrast, brightness, and such factors if required.

However, adjusting the Clarity makes the image appear weird. You don’t have to compromise with a poor-quality image; the following method will help you.

Step 5: Upscale The Image For A Natural and High-Quality Appeal

The image loses its pixel when merging when the background image and cutout have different resolutions. Besides, even for a high-quality appeal, you would want something perfect and worthwhile.

So, apart from clarity, would you like something in 2K or 4K?

Well, who won’t like it?

Here’s how you can do it easily:

  • Click the link given ‘s Overscale to upscale your image
  • Tap the Download button and select the final Photoshop-edited photo
  • Press the Overscale button to enhance it into a higher resolution of 2K

To upscale to 4K, tap the 4x option and let it process the image. Further, tap the Download button to save it on your device.


The Bottom Line

If you were looking for how to add a person to a picture on iPhone, you would have got your answer about how Photoshop helps! There are two methods that you can follow: Using Photoshop solely or in combination with an online tool for a more perfect picture. The former doesn’t give greater accuracy and consumes more time and effort. Most importantly, the output isn’t worth it.

In contrast, using Photoshop with the online tool will save time and effort with advanced AI algorithms. Therefore, it will fine-tune your image to perfection.

Further, if you are looking for how to photoshop a picture into another iPhone, then take cutouts if required. Do so by using Outcut AI. Remember to upscale the final output using Overscale AI for greater clarity and resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to insert a picture into another picture on an iPhone for free?

To insert a picture into another picture on an iPhone for free, you can use third-party apps that do so effectively. Canva lets you do so without any hassle, and Fotor also serves the purpose with its Overlay option.

How to Manually Add Faces to Photos on iOS 15?

There’s no direct way to add faces to Photos app on iOS 15 manually. It has advanced algorithms that automatically detect faces and add them to the People album. You can check it and add the name of the person. Further, if you have the contact number of the same person, then add it and link to the photo.

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